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Property law

From an historical perspective, Property Law is one of the long-standing and traditional areas of law practiced by Føyen Torkildsen. This specialized area ranges from the handling and interpretation of access rights (easements) to complicated questions within the dynamic area of property law (claim and interest rights regarding real property).

The lawyers at Føyen Torkildsen offer comprehensive assistance within this very specialized field of property law. Our clients in this area are primarily property developers with needs related to the clarification of legal rights and obligations in conjunction with a particular property that may be in the process of being purchased or sold for development. In situations where both residential building and commercial projects are to be carried out, thorough and complete knowledge of this specialized field is of major importance. For example, whether satisfactory access and egress to a development property is secured can be crucial to the success of a project, both in terms of financial structuring and the builder’s ability to satisfactorily complete the project.

We also have broad experience with ”cleanup jobs” – cancellation of older encumbrances on real property and/or the securing of rights via the drafting and filing of declarations for judicial registration and public recording.

This specialized field of Property Law also includes assistance in connection with the establishment of cooperatives (for example, the drafting of joint ownership agreements for recreational or vacation properties), problems involving boundary disputes and neighbor rights, and questions related to land leases, vacant properties, or title issues.

Our lawyers regularly process court cases within this specialized Property Law Field.

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