Our expertise

Property Development

At Føyen Torkildsen we deal with all aspects of property development. It may be about discussing with the municipal council to what extent a wooded area should be developed into a housing or commercial area, or whether an old centrally located port area should be converted into a new thriving urban quarter.

We assist clients at every stage in the process: with political dialogue, market analysis, regulations and other planning processes, construction contract, negotiations surrounding contractual conditions and, of course, general assistance with transactions related to property Development.

We are engaged not only for our expertise within property law. Just as important for our clients are our extensive experience and focus on the overall commercial picture. The latter is crucial for the project as a whole and therefore for the long-term success for our clients.

Another aspect of the overall picture is to enlist expertise outside our company when expedient. We work closely with architects who can contribute their own special skills to an individual project, and we also often collaborate with media consultants and other parties with specialist marketing skills. This provides credibility and security for the client.

Our people

Supreme Court Lawyer (H) and Partner

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