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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

A number of disagreements cannot be resolved without legal intervention by an outside organisation such as a court, or a body similar to a court. The institution of legal proceedings requires thorough knowledge of the facts of the case, together with relevant legal regulations. The litigation lawyer must be able to define the need for, and scope of, the evidence that is required to be presented.

The lawyer must be able to pinpoint and formulate winning arguments and also have the ability to present the case in a thorough and convincing manner. Every litigation task requires an assessment of, and report regarding, the litigation risk in the case and the strategy and instructions that therefore need to be selected.

Føyen Torkildsen offers all the services required in connected with litigation, dispute resolution and arbitration/negotiation. The firm has committed and specialised lawyers who regularly handle litigation and dispute cases. They have experience with litigation in the district court, appeal court and Supreme Court. Føyen Torkildsen handles litigation cases of all sizes. We can also assist in connection with arbitration cases, and many of our lawyers also have experience as arbitrators.

Føyen Torkildsen can also assist with judicial assessments. A judicial assessment is a legal process the aim of which is to determine whether property, shares or other elements should be transferred from existing owners to public ownership or to private parties. At the same time, it is generally decided what the value, and therefore the compensation to the owner, should be set at.

Judicial assessments can also be about having changes established in existing legal situations such as expropriation and roadway assessments. Our aim is to obtain the best possible compensation for our clients by ensuring that the valuations we undertake are thoroughgoing and comprehensive – where necessary, in collaboration with expert economists/auditors.

Our lawyers have broad experience with negotiations and arbitration situations. Regardless of which dispute resolution model is suitable for the case, we look at all the options for obtaining an outcome that takes into account the legal, financial and commercial considerations and values for our clients.

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