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Ground Leasing

Ground leasing can be described in brief as the leasing of land for residential/holiday homes or for commercial development. Recently, ground leasing connected to housing and holiday homes has been the subject of extensive discussion in terms of the determination of base rent along with lease extensions. It is anticipated that 2014–2015 will see changes in the law that will hopefully reduce the number of disputes within this field of law.

Føyen Torkildsen assists our clients with advice and dispute resolution connected to both private and commercial ground leasing/leases. We focus on safeguarding the interests of our clients as efficiently as possible and we seek to achieve a sound and expeditious outcome, preferably without an expensive and drawn-out legal process.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all phases of the ground leasing process and have been involved in bringing a number of ground leasing cases before both municipal courts and arbitration tribunals

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