Our expertise

Property Restructuring

In connection with property development there is often a need for defining the use and zoning characteristics related to property transactions and leasings, as well addressing any need for the structuring or restructuring of properties. This may involve subdivision, land transfer, land assemblage and the registration of real property, urban land consolidation, and/or the establishment of property for construction. A common challenge within this field is to ensure the property structure is in accordance with the new development plan.

Our lawyers have extensive experience within all of these specialized areas. As such, we can offer comprehensive assistance in cases spanning all aspects of property structuring, restructuring, usage, and zoning.

Problems connected with property registration, public and judicial recording instruments or processing, and licensing and residential zoning requirements often arise in connection with property restructuring. The Føyen Torkildsen client team provides assistance with all these types of issues so that your property structuring requirements can be addressed via a single point of contact from start to finish.

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