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Planning and Building Law

Føyen Torkildsen assists all parties involved in, or affected by, a planning change or construction issue, i.e. builders large and small (public and private), proposers, companies and neighbours. We also provide assistance to municipalities as decision-making and regulatory building authorities.

This area of expertise covers all problems connected with planning and building regulations: from municipal planning, impact reports, regulatory planning, development agreements, building applications, changes in use, exemptions and neighbours’ complaints, to final receipt of building approval.

Problems connected to approvals by private companies, the right to accept responsibility and inspections by the building authority also fall within this area of expertise. The same applies to assistance when unlawful building work has been discovered.

We assist from start to finish of the planning and building process under public law and in related areas under private law (easements, highway rights, villa clauses etc.).

To be able to provide such comprehensive assistance, we deliberately recruit employees with a background in public administration and with commercial knowledge. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the regulations and the political processes which are part of this area of expertise.

Comprehensive assistance means for example that we will be occupied with implementation problems as early on as the planning stage. It is here that the regulatory objectives and solutions chosen that contribute to the final structure of the building plot and owner sectioning/subdivision of the housing cooperative.

An important, and often costly, aspect of the development project is the organisation of public infrastructure. Our assistance in this connection can cover everything from strategic assessment in planning cases (order requirements) to the necessary land acquisition and cost allocation (reimbursement).

We also assist with subdivision and any other issues necessary to establish new building plots, see under Building Plot Structure for a more detailed description.

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