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Equity Transactions

Equity transactions are transactions and transfers between a company and its owners. These will typically be capital contributions, repayments, distributions through dividends and group contributions, mergers and demergers, purchases of own shares, conversions etc. A distinctive feature of equity transactions is that they are governed by a number of different laws which are not necessarily coordinated and are constantly changing. Therefore, in order to carry out equity transactions therefore, a range of skills covering different specialist areas is required, and a proactive approach to future regulatory changes needs to be employed.

Føyen Torkildsen offers advice on all types of equity transaction and at all stages of such processes. We assist with contractual negotiations, the drafting of company or transaction documentation and due diligence processes. as well as provide advice during the implementation of the transactions.

Our legal team has acquired considerable skills and experience from a range of different equity transactions. We also have sound knowledge of accounting, tax and company legislation, which is crucial for organising and implementing equity transactions with the desired outcome.

With all our experience and skills, we have the necessary understanding and knowledge to be able to produce optimal legal and commercial solutions in the tasks entrusted to us. This ensures a comprehensive solution for our clients.

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