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Public Procurement

In the field of public procurement, Føyen Torkildsen provides legal assistance to both private and public bodies. Our special knowledge in this field has been built up through our providing assistance to various parties over a number of years. Our lawyers work on a daily basis with the quality assurance of tenders.

This includes a range of activities from the implementation and quality assurance of the basis of tenders, to requirement specifications, the drafting of contracts, implementation of tenders/evaluations and even to the quality assurance of letters to be sent to suppliers at differing stages of the procurement process. This provides us with across-the-board skills and enables us to assist our clients at all stages of the procurement process, and with the challenges our clients might encounter in the process.

In addition, we assist with training in both public and private companies, assistance with appeal processes – in terms of both the legal apparatus and with KOFA [the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement], contracts and the development of guidelines and tools within this specialist field.

Føyen Torkildsen has considerable experience and competence within the field of public procurement including ICT procurement. We have lawyers with years of experience acquired from working both for public authorities and private companies within procurement processes. Our assignments cover reporting on different issues which occur in the procurement processes, and seeing the options provided by the applicable regulations.

By using the same advice resources throughout the procurement process, our clients also have access to substantial synergistic effects from beginning to end. This gives ownership to the object of the procurement, and contributes to achieving the best possible outcome both financially and in terms of the purchase itself.

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