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Insurance Law

Many of the cases we work with within real estate involve questions related to insurance law. Builders, contractors, owners of commercial properties and consumers all sign agreements with insurance companies, and we must therefore deal with the companies and the insurance agreements signed when we clarify and resolve such cases.

This applies to both liability insurance agreements and commercial insurance agreements which cover real estate and other assets, and it applies irrespective of whether the insurance company has the same interests as our client or the parties have conflicting interests. In discussions between the professional builder and the contractor, there will often be questions regarding guarantees and liability insurance in connection with the parties’ requirements. Experience from previous handling of similar cases is invaluable for effective and correct assistance.

We also have insurance companies as clients and assist them with the signing of insurance agreements, insurance settlements and recourse claims. Good advice in this area requires knowledge of how insurance agreements are structured, which liability is covered by the insurance, the agreement’s terms and conditions in other respects, as well as Norwegian standard provisions and the Norwegian Insurance Contract Act.

It goes without saying that we also have knowledge of consumer insurance agreements such as change of ownership insurance and homeowner insurance.

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