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Housing Construction

The specialist field of housing construction covers all the legal aspects of contracts that concern the construction of new housing and that are concluded between a professional contractor as the vendor and a consumer as the purchaser. The subject is often referred to as consumer contracts. Housing construction embraces all contractual regulations associated with construction of new housing – including freehold housing, holiday homes, self-owned properties and housing cooperatives – where a consumer is the purchaser.

Føyen Torkildsen has broad experience and provides comprehensive advice within this specialist field. The advice covers everything from general contract drafting, concrete contract negotiations and contract management through to completion, takeover situations, dispute resolution and procedures where the contractual parties may end up in a conflict situation. We also provide comprehensive advice in connection with the sale and marketing of real estate.

The advice ranges from housing projects with hundreds of units to individual housing and cottage contracts. By providing advice at all stages of the contract, and with builders/developers and consumers as clients, our experience is all-embracing and we can see, understand and safeguard the project as a whole. With extensive commitment and a thorough understanding of the issues, we ensure the best possible handling and the outcomes of these cases.

The contractual conditions are extremely important for those involved, and the advice we provide requires in-depth knowledge of everything from building technology and building regulations to an understanding of finances and the industry. Our legal team has a wide network of contacts, including technical consultants, estate agents and individuals within the fields of architecture and valuation.


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