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Many of the cases we work with within real estate involve questions related to guarantee law. Agreements regarding guarantees can be required by law, implied in standard agreements or as common practice in the industry. Both builders, contractors, owners and lessees of commercial property as well as consumers are often parties in guarantee agreements.

Guarantees and guarantees secured by mortgages are also, in practice, the general rule with financing, for example with the financing of transactions or working capital in a project. In discussions between the professional builder and the contractor, there will often be questions regarding guarantees in connection with the parties’ requirements.

Good advice in such cases requires knowledge of all aspects of guarantee law and the specific areas covered by the guarantee relationship. In addition to frequently providing advice regarding guarantee law to parties involved in property transactions and in contract and development cases, Føyen Torkildsen also advises many of the large institutions that issue such guarantees. Our experience and expertise in handling issues related to guarantee law benefit our clients in the form of effective and good advice.

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