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Tax law is dynamic and under constant development. Comprehensive knowledge of national and international community processes is fundamentally important to be able to plan and implement sound, long-term solutions. This applies not least with internal group reorganisation, company transfers and equity transactions as well as in connection with the establishment of foreign companies in Norway and with international trade and investments.

Tax questions cannot be viewed in isolation from a company’s or individual’s situation in other respects. For the individual company and its owners, solutions should be determined out of consideration for the company’s organisation, management and finances so that all these aspects are taken care of.

For private individuals, solutions are established based on an overall assessment of conditions and future prospects. The rulings of the Norwegian Inland Revenue Service should be challenged by appeals or taking civil action based on a critical analysis of the regulations and the legality of the decision.

Changes in ownership, including company successions, should be organised after careful consideration of the whole picture, looking after the interests of both individuals and the company situation in order to create sound solutions for both the short and long term, with the lowest possible rates of taxation and inheritance tax.

Føyen Torkildsen has considerable experience of providing advice and services within the specialist field of tax law. Recently, for example, we assisted Lørenskog municipality with an issue under tax law related to the Post Office’s depot for the eastern part of southern Norway. We have also assisted Lindås municipality in Hordaland with respect to property tax for the TCM facility for CO2 cleaning at Mongstad.

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