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Financing is a central and important question for most businesses and organisations. The scope of the different forms of financing is vast, and the agreements to be prepared will often be complex. Depending on the form of financing, the range of regulations to be dealt with can also be extensive.

Føyen Torkildsen assists clients throughout the whole financing process: from initial negotiations and drafting of the loan documentation, to the setting up of sureties, assistance with refinancing, negotiations with creditors, realisation of collateral etc. We also assist with indirect transfer of loans. Our lawyers advise lenders, borrowers and other parties in the financing process and thus have broad experience in all aspects of financing.

Based on our extensive experience and through knowledge of the industry, Føyen Torkildsen has acquired a broad register of skills within the field of financing solutions. Our experience ranges from acquisitions, project financing and general commercial financing to leasing and factoring. We also have experience with bond financing.

Føyen Torkildsen has the necessary knowledge and commercial understanding to be able to find the best legal and commercial solutions in any assignment, and the services we provide are thus of a very high professional and commercial standard. In this way, Føyen Torkildsen provides a comprehensive solution for our clients.

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