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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a central part of the Corporate Department’s daily activities. Dispute resolution comprises everything from negotiation and mediation to legal hearings before a court or a body equivalent to a court.

In some cases, a strategy of negotiation will be tactically correct, while clients in other cases can be best served by the direct legal action. This type of assessment, including the litigation risk, is handled daily by our firm’s legal team in close dialogue with our clients. When it comes to legal actions, there are clear guidelines for preparation of the case and the court’s handling of it. These guidelines must be understood precisely by the legal team in order to clarify the options and lay the groundwork for success. The ability to prepare strategy, define the need for evidence, formulate and present winning arguments are factors which define a good litigator.

Our Corporate Department consists of committed and specialised lawyers who are active in handling dispute cases and litigation. They have experience with litigation in district court, appeal court and Supreme Court.

Our Corporate Department also advises in assessments. A legal assessment is a legal process the aim of which is to determine whether property, shares or other elements should be transferred from existing owners to public ownership or other private parties. Often the value and thus the amount of compensation to the owner are also assessed at the same time. Our aim is to obtain the best possible compensation for our clients by ensuring that the valuations we undertake are thoroughgoing and comprehensive – where necessary, in collaboration with expert economists/auditors.

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