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Company Transfers (M&A)

The purchase and sale of companies has been a steadily growing part of commercial life, and these types of transfers have become more and more complex. In order to structure and implement these types of transactions – which often contain an international aspect – knowledge of a number of specialized fields is required. In addition, a proactive approach to identifying any potential changes in rules and regulations is needed. It is also crucial to have a business-centric understanding of the significance of the transaction for the all the parties involved.

Føyen Torkildsen has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions from the perspective of both the seller and the purchaser. These transactions are generally in the form of transfers of shares or assets, mergers and divestitures, equity and debt transactions or reorganizations and acquisitions. We have expertise within the various areas that are associated with assessing a transaction’s structure and its ramifications.

For example, the elements such as tax law, laws governing business competition, labor laws, business law, and securities exchange laws can, either individually or collectively, become crucial considerations when selecting a particular form of transaction and/or negotiation strategy.

Our lawyers are involved with these types of transactions from start to finish, and have broad experience with all aspects of a transaction. We assist with the selection of transaction models, arrange and complete the necessary due diligence, participate in negotiations, and draft all pertinent documentation. Through providing legal, tactical and sound commercial advice from our well-qualified team, Føyen Torkildsen ensures that our clients receive the best possible overall outcome.

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