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Company law questions and problems can arise in all phases of a company’s lifetime. They often arise in connection with company transfers, restructuring, mergers/demergers and other forms of equity transactions in the company. The consequences of not complying with regulations and requirements which exist under company law can be that important processes and decisions are incorrect and, in the worst case scenario, unlawful or invalid. This may result in risks and liabilities for owners, board members and management.

Føyen Torkildsen has in-depth knowledge of Norwegian company law and the different forms of amalgamation (public limited companies, foundations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, cooperatives etc.). We assist with all aspects of company law, and our extensive experience includes the foundation of companies, preparation of shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, directors’ liability, corporate governance, equity transactions, mergers/demergers, and the formation and winding up of companies.

Our lawyers also have broad experience with dispute resolution arising from company law issues, and with negotiations and court procedures. Many of our lawyers are also experts when it comes to the regulations regarding the compulsory acquisition of shares.

Føyen Torkildsen provides dynamic, commercial and expedient advice. With our in-depth knowledge of company and share law, and with our dynamic understanding of company needs, our clients are assured of the best possible legal, commercial and comprehensive solutions which endure over time.

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